GL Builders: A Journey Through Excellence and Trust in Construction


Imagine a world where every brick laid, every beam hoisted, and every nail driven tells a story of passion, precision, and partnership. Welcome to GL Builders, a cornerstone of construction excellence that has been shaping the North Shore and Greater Boston’s architectural landscape for nearly two decades. At the heart of this legacy is a simple yet profound philosophy: Broad Vision, Honest Service, Great Value. This is the story of how a family-owned business became a bastion of building dreams, one project at a time.

Chapter 1: Foundations of Trust

In the year 2003, amidst the bustling communities of Boston, Hernany Dasilva founded GL Builders with a vision that extended beyond the horizon of traditional construction. It was not just about erecting structures; it was about creating spaces where memories would be made, dreams realized, and futures built. From the onset, GL Builders pledged to deliver quality projects on time, a commitment that became the bedrock of its burgeoning reputation.

Chapter 2: Building on Experience

With each passing year, GL Builders’ portfolio expanded, reflecting the breadth and depth of their expertise. From awe-inspiring carpentry that melds form with function to transformative remodeling projects that breathe new life into spaces, the company demonstrated an uncanny ability to meet customer needs from foundation to completion. Specializing in making dreams come true, GL Builders became synonymous with creating homes that not only stood the test of time but also captured the hearts of those who dwelled within.

Chapter 3: A Tapestry of Projects

The legacy of GL Builders is woven through the diverse projects undertaken over the years. Whether it was basking in the summer sun on a custom-built deck overlooking the Massachusetts coast or cozying up by a bespoke fireplace in winter, GL Builders mastered the art of bringing clients’ visions to life. The North Andover Remodeling, the Bridge Hamilton masterpiece, the meticulous Rockport Siding Replacement, and the Beverly Deck are but a few chapters in the company’s vast portfolio, each project a testament to their dedication and craftsmanship.

Chapter 4: Beyond Construction

GL Builders understood that their role transcended mere construction. They were creating communities, nurturing relationships, and building trust. This ethos was reflected in their commitment to around-the-clock service, ensuring peace of mind for their clients in Boston and the surrounding communities. The free consultation offer and the assurance of being fully insured exemplify GL Builders’ client-centric approach, making them not just builders but partners in bringing dreams to fruition.

Chapter 5: The Visionary Path Forward

As GL Builders looks to the future, their journey is far from over. With a foundation built on honesty, a structure sustained by quality, and interiors filled with visions of greatness, GL Builders continues to pave the way for innovation in construction. Their story is a living narrative of passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


The tapestry of GL Builders’ history is rich with the ethos of creating value, delivering quality, and fostering trust. As they stride into the future, their legacy of transforming visions into reality continues to inspire. GL Builders is not just building structures; they are crafting the backdrop for life’s most precious moments. Here’s to the next chapter in GL Builders’ story, where every beam, brick, and nail continues to tell a tale of dreams realized.


  1. How long has GL Builders been in operation? GL Builders has been transforming visions into reality for 19 years, with a foundation built on broad vision, honest service, and great value.
  2. What services does GL Builders specialize in? GL Builders specializes in a wide range of construction and remodeling services, including custom carpentry, decks, fireplaces, and complete home transformations.
  3. How can I contact GL Builders for a project? You can book a free consultation by calling (978) 882-1705 or visiting their website to fill out a contact form.
  4. What areas does GL Builders serve? GL Builders provides services in Boston and the surrounding communities, focusing on the North Shore and Greater Boston area.
  5. Why choose GL Builders for your construction needs? With nearly two decades of experience, a commitment to quality and timeliness, and a deep understanding of client needs, GL Builders stands out as a trusted partner in bringing your construction visions to life.

For those ready to build not just buildings, but dreams, GL Builders awaits. Here’s to creating spaces where life unfolds and memories are cherished, with GL Builders—where we build your visions.