Winchester Residence Expansion and Modernization

Currently underway, the Winchester project showcases GL Builders’ expertise in comprehensive home transformations, exemplifying our commitment to quality and detail. This extensive renovation and expansion endeavor is revitalizing a charming residential property, seamlessly blending modern comforts with traditional aesthetics. From structural enhancements to custom interior craftsmanship, our team is actively turning visionary designs into reality. […]

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North Andover Remodeling

The North Andover project by GL Builders aimed at transforming an outdated residential space into a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home. Emphasizing innovative design and high-quality materials, the project was tailored to meet contemporary living standards while preserving the unique character of the property.

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Bridge Hamilton

Remodel the exterior of a residential property located near Hamilton Bridge. The design for the roof and external area renovation emphasizes modern aesthetics and functionality. The existing roof will be replaced with high-quality, weather-resistant materials, crafted to enhance energy efficiency and durability.

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Rockport Siding Replacement

Our latest endeavor in Rockport showcases GL Builders’ commitment to excellence with a complete siding replacement. The transformation enhances the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the property, delivering a fresh, modern look with long-lasting materials designed to withstand the elements. Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality craftsmanship ensure that this home

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Arlington Demolition Project

GL Builders recently spearheaded a comprehensive demolition project in Arlington, setting a new benchmark in safe and efficient demolition practices. Our expert crew, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, meticulously deconstructed a multi-story structure, paving the way for new development. Adhering to rigorous environmental and safety protocols, we ensured minimal disruption to the surrounding community, completing the

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Marblehead Deck

The Marblehead Deck Rebuild offers a perfect blend of form and function, providing a serene outdoor escape without leaving the comfort of your home. With GL Builders’ expertise, this deck serves as more than just an outdoor space—it becomes an extension of the home itself.

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Beverly Deck

Check out one of our recent works—a beautiful deck situated in a stunning Beverly home. At GL Builders, we transformed an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary outdoor living space, using top-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. Your dream deck is just one call away.

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Forest ST

GL Builders proudly presents a hallmark project—the upscale expansion of a prestigious Forest Street residence. Our expertise in high-end craftsmanship and superior materials has resulted in a seamless blend of luxury and functionality. A seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Check out the pictures to see this masterpiece come to life.

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